It’s worth it…

As I shared some months ago on Blessed, I am attending university a whole year before I was supposed to. I got to admit this first semester was everything but easy.

I have struggle a lot for various reasons. For example, since it was an unexpected blessing, I wasn’t mentally prepared for that challenge. Also, I didn’t have a car, so it was really hard to attend class every day, but thanks to God, my mother, even with her illnesses, was able to take me to class every single day, and I’m really grateful for that.

What’s my point?

                The point here, my friends, is that all those struggles were WORTH IT and I’m a vivid example of that because today, December 14, 2015, I received my first college grades! And… Guess what? I got ALL A’s!!!


I got to accept that I almost cried! I couldn’t believe it at first, but then I calmed down, thanked God and now I’m here, sharing this new victory with you guys.

The reason I came directly to tell you this, is that I wanted to demonstrate that when you fight for what you want, when you give all you have, when you pray, when you believe, all the struggles you go through, are WORTH IT.

I don’t really remember where I read this, however, I do remember it said something like:

“You’re struggling? Fine, it means you’re fighting for what you want, and one day, all those struggles will be worth it.”

So if you’re struggling right now, take a moment to breath and relax…


One way or another, you will achieve what you want, you will reach your destiny.

Also, remember that if you need something, you can contact me through the comments or at my twitter (@bloggirl8). I will help as much as I can.

Till next post,

                  Stay inspired,

                                       -Random girl




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