Life circumstances


     In my personal opinion, life circumstances are not “bad” or “good”, they’re are just things that leads to other things. For example, the “bad” experiences make you stronger, while the “good” times encourage you too keep going.
     Through life, I have pass by lots of experiences, some of them better than the others. As an example of those not so agreeable experiences, my grandfather died in my arms when I was just eight years old. By the other part, I have “a great mind” (like my mother says),  something that had help me become one of the best of my class.
       I got to admit those though moments where hard, I suffered(a lot), but more importantly, I learned some life lessons. As a consequence of those events, I’m braver and stronger. In the other hand, the happiest moments of life have made me courageous, now I’m a young woman who fights for her dreams. I have hope, I have dreams, I have goals, but what’s more important, I have plans, because, ***what’s the thing of having goals and dreams if you don’t have a plan to achieve them?***
        My point with this is to encourage you. Being positive vital in our life, so start being a little more positive, start living your life. I know it’s hard to think positive while going through bad situations, but it’s important if you want to survive. 

   Hope you liked this post, if you did feel free to like, comment or even follow!

  Till next time… Stay strong,
                                            -Random girl


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