Helping each other!

So hello everybody! As you guys know, we are a great community of positivism here. I’m fighting for a new life, a better one and so are other people.

However, we all know that changing our lifestyle is not easy, neither is asking for help. For this reason, my friend David decided to create a blog, and now a forum to help those people who are too afraid of asking for help.

Through this forum we’ll be able to express ourselves and to help other people by giving advice at the same time we get some by the other members of the forum. Apart from that, this is a way of motivating each other to achieve our life goals!

Like David said:

“ I joined/created the forum because I truly believe that we can create a special, positive place (Think mini-paradise) where people can gather to create positive changes, via the internet. A place, where people can connect, share their life issues, experiences, goals and ambition with everyone around the world and push ourselves onwards in life together.”

Right now it’s on it’s BETA test, but we really need your support!

So please, head to his blog OR to his forum.

Let’s help all this people!!

-Random girl


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