I’m proud

I have always been a girl who does her best at school. For years I have been called “the nerdy”, but instead of being ashamed I’m proud of been one.

So on May 12th, 2015 was the activity of the honors students, and guess who was part of them? Yes, it was me! I’m really proud and ecstatic because once again my efforts have been worth it.

By the other hand, I’m scared because I’m officially a high school senior! In just one year, I’ll be able to attend an university! It’s all so overwhelming I even started to cry! I know that the last year of high school is going to be a hard one, but I’m ready, and I know that with God’s help I’ll be capable of achieving my dreams and goals.

 So I have one advice for all you out there:

    Study, because at the end, is all you’re going to have. Your future depends of it. Also, for those who get ashamed of their grades and for being called “nerds”. DON’T BE ASHAMED! In a couple of years you’re probably going to be at the university of your dreams thanks to a scholarship you won, and they’ll be jealous of the chances they didn’t take do to the fact that they were too busy trying to put you down instead of being studying like you..

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Remember, if you need anything, I’m here to help you, just leave a comment!

Till next post…. Stay inspired!

-Random girl


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