How to NOT have “Empty” Conversations

As always, David is here to help us, this time with some tips for maintaining deep conversations! As a girl who does’t interact much, I really appreciate not only this post, but all of his blog. So, if like me, you need some help in life, he is the right person!

Double Your Presence (Ver 1.6)

We all have found ourselves in a spot of having nothing to talk about with someone we barely know. After all, we just met and don’t truly know much about each other!

Hence, I know the problems we’d face when we find ourselves in such spot so, I’ve compiled a list of topics to talk about or more specifically, questions to ask a person, in order to get to know them better and avoid stepping into the trap of awkward silence.

These questions can either be used with someone whom you’ve just met off the street and are trying to get to know, or even with your pals whom you’ve known since your days of running around in diapers.

Best thing about these questions? Like all other questions, it can go both ways but its way more interesting to talk about as compared to the typical “Speed Dating” questions like “What do…

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