I prefer one real friend, than ten fake friends…

Craving for inspiration, I found this quote, and I have to admit I really relate to it.

Through the years, I have been fighting with trust issues. A while ago, I was just an innocent girl who wanted to fit it. However, due to my appearance (I was overweight), that wasn’t possible. Most people used to see me like the “fat nerdy girl”.

Even today, I’m still the nerdy girl, plus a bit overweight. The big differences is that now I don’t really care what other, referring to those “friends” who really aren’t friends, say about me anymore.

The point I’m trying to prove here, is that even if I desired on having all those friends, some years later, I realize that having so many friends wasn’t important anymore because what matters is not the number of “friends” you have, but possessing real friends.

Even thou I am not a social, nor communicative person, I thank God for the couple friends I own. I’m also grateful because even if some of them live miles away from me, they’re always there when I need them to.

This is why I invite you to analyze if you have good or fake friends, with the thought that it is better to have one true friend, than ten fake friends.

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Remember, if you need anything, I’m here to help you, just leave a comment!

Till next post…. Stay inspired!

-Random girl


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