Are you a victim of your past?

“Your past has given you the strength and wisdom you have today, so celebrate it. DON’T LET IT HAUNT YOU.”

I’m one of those people who believe that your past is basically your inspiration or like the quote says, your strength. However, there was a moment of my life where I would shut myself in the past. I’m aware there are lots of people out there that like me, they choose to hide in the obscurity of their past. That’s the main reason of this post;

       I attempt to help them liberate themselves of those chains.

First of all, you have to analyze if you’re really drowning on that past. That’s why you should ask yourself:

Am I a victim of my past? Have I stop my life because I haven’t overcome my past? 

Also, let me share you the article How do you know you’re living in the past?, which will help you identify if you’re living your life in the present, or if you’re still one step behind from it. As you can see, it’s a LONG list, but I’ll summarize the ones that in my opinion are the most important:

  •  You react to circumstances without thinking- As Janet says, when you do this you judge situations as good or bad without even analyzing it.
  •  You don’t want to change- I definitely think this is one of THE MOST IMPORTANT POINTS. Life is a process full of changes we must accept to live healthier. The problem starts when you don’t want to change, when you want life to stay the same… But let me tell you something, that is not a life.
  • You avoid telling the truth – I don’t believe this need more explanations, right?
  • You feel you don’t have enough- money, love, among others.
  • You feel inadequate or worthless
  • You feel you must please others to be accepted
  • You allow others to make decisions for you
  • You think life is unfair
  • You are not achieving what you want

Well, this are basically the ones I consider important considering I used to suffer from those signs, but one day I decided it was enough, I needed to change my life, I needed to be happier.

Now, having all this in count, I invite you to make an auto-evaluation, since you’re the only one who knows everything inside yourself.


Past – adjective- gone by in time and no longer existing.

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Remember, if you need anything, I’m here to help you.

Till next post…. Stay inspired!

-Random girl


2 thoughts on “Are you a victim of your past?

  1. It’s not easy. Untangling oneself from the past is definitely a challenge.
    I find myself guilty in a few of these points and gotta admit that this task is one that I am currently struggling with.

    Thanks for the post bud, it helped me in some way and I’m sure it’ll help others to come. Cheers 😉

    Your pal,
    David Long

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad I helped you in a way, D! Let me tell you that I still do some of this things sometimes, but we should keep fighting, because one day, we’ll say: I made it!

      Stay strong and inspired, D

      -Random girl

      Liked by 1 person

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