How a tumor changed my life

I needed to re-blog this…

Definitely a post which makes you think a lot about life. We never know when we’ll be in a situation like this…



As I sit here typing, I think about my poor father who recently found out that the cancer he has been battling for years has not only returned, but potentially spread.  It started out as stage four when he was diagnosed in 2009- which as you know is scary anyway.  There’s so much emotion that goes into fighting cancer.  The initial diagnosis shock, disappointment, anger, frustration, withdrawal from others, sometimes denial and on the other end planning for your demise.

I know a touch of how this feels myself.  I recently went through a health scare of similar sorts.  Right after I ran the half marathon in November, I noticed my hair was falling out in wads.  I was fatigued all the time (even more than normal with an infant and a toddler).  I also was losing weight for no reason, and noticeably paler.  I had not had a physical…

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