We all have flaws

People this days concern a lot because of their flaws. They think that just because they have flaws, they’re not perfect.
The truth is that the number of flaws they have does NOT determine who they are.

We must learn to love ourselves, we must love our own flaws, due to the fact that they are what make us different. Also, you can’t pretend to be perfect because its just impossible, perfection doesn’t exist. I have to admit that I used to hate my imperfections… Sometimes I still do it. However, I do my best to concentrate on the good things I have, and this have help me a lot.

How I do it? Easy. I do a list of my flaws, and then I explain something good about me which contrast it. By doing this I give less importance to my flaws, and more importance to my qualities. For example:
-I'm a pessimist sometimes-> BUT when I'm acting positive I feel like I rule the world. 
-I'm not a social person- BUT every time someone is in need, I do my best to help them, putting my antisocial mood to the side.
I invite you to try this or any other way on focusing on the good things of life?And please remember:
We all have flaws, but we have to fight against them to have a good life.
Do you have a way of focusing on your qualities instead of your flaws? Head to the comments and share it with us!!

4 thoughts on “We all have flaws

    1. Practically that’s what I meant, just in other words. I think sometimes the correct words don’t get out of my mind. I think in Spanish, but write in English .. And I’m just learning the basic so, I’m sorry if my message with this post wasn’t sent well. (:

      Thanks for your comment!

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