Be thankful!

As all of you know, Thanksgiving Day is a couple of days behind and we all begin to talk about giving thanks to the Lord. In my personal opinion, we shouldn’t limit to just give thanks one day per year.

I give thanks every single morning, every single night, and during the entire day.

For example, in my case, every morning I give thanks for the new opportunity he is giving me to be happy, because being alive is both, a blessing, and a privilege.

By the other part, during the day, in any pcassion I remember something I’m thankful for, or something I want to ask him for, I do it. What I mean is that we don’t need to be praying for 10 minutes, just saying: “God, please protect my mother wherever she is, Amen.” is enough( at least in my opinion).
Finally, at night, I thank for that day and for everything that happened along it(remember that everything happens for a reason).
What am I trying to say with this?
 The answer is really easy, you can(and should), thanks every single day for everything in your life.

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