Proud of yourself

Through the years, I have notice that we always say: “I want he/she to be proud of me.”, instead of saying: “I want to be proud of myself.”. Now I ask you … Which of them is the most important?

If you ask me, I will absolutely choose the second option. In my opinion, it’s more important to be proud of yourself, than trying to make other proud. Why? It’s really simple, and I’ll give you an example to make it easier to understand:

      Your family is a rich family, and they want you to marry a person from the high society, just like your, even when you love another person(which is not from the high society).

     What will you choose, make your family proud, or be proud of yourself because you married the person you love?   

  Without doubt, I’ll choose to marry with the person I love. This is just an example, there are definitely more way to be proud of yourself. For example, in some of my post I talk about some of the feelings I have about myself. In the case of “Have you ever wonder” I talk about some things I’m doing to become more proud of myself, and to obviously love me more. Also, I have to say that I’m proud of some some others, such as “Believe in yourself!” and “Self-esteem!”.

To make all this shorter … what I want you to understand, is that you should be proud of yourself before anybody can be proud of you.

Now, do you agree with me? Comment below your opinion!



12 thoughts on “Proud of yourself

  1. Totally agree with you. And you made me thinking… I wonder why we always try to please everybody else first, before we try to please ourselves? Why is it, that we always try to make it right for others, than first of all for us? Crazy, right?


    1. Crazy indeed! And it’s really because of our inherent tendency to seek acceptance, to feel that we belong and are among others who are like us. But as you pointed out, we tend to forget that we should begin with the self before looking to help/please/serve/love other people.

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      1. Completely true! In my case, I used to think that if I pleased other people, they will accept me and I won’t be lonely anymore. However, that wasn’t true, and I learned that by the hardest way.


  2. I completely agree. Ultimately it is ourselves that we must live with, so it is far more important that we respect ourselves, trust ourselves, and realize that we can, and should, be proud of our accomplishments.
    As a parent, I’ve always found it odd that people would compliment me on my children’s accomplishments


  3. I do agree with you, making yourself proud is ultimately what matters most however I’m in a fortunate situation where I have great family and friends and knowing that they support my decisions and what I want to accomplish makes me also want to make them proud. Not because they want something different for me than what I want for myself but because I want to show them I’m capable of achieving what I set out to.


    1. I can see your point on this, and I agree with you in a way. For example, I want to make my mother proud, but I know she will be proud doesn’t matter what I decide to do with my life, as long as I’m a good person.


  4. Hey Gen,

    Kudos to you for being honest about your principles. It takes guts and courage to come to terms with yourself and actually choose to please YOU before others.

    There are lots of research and discussions about this that you can explore, especially the self-doubt and fear department. You can check those out when you’ve the time as it can greatly inform your understanding of this particular topic.

    See you back at The Bloggers Network!

    Stef (@stefgonzaga)


    1. Thanks for your opinion, Stef! I really appreciate the time you have take to interact with me. In the other hand, I have to say that some months ago, I wouldn’t have talk like this about my feelings, it wasn’t easy to talk about them at first.


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