“Healthy is the new sexy”.

           There are lots of prototypes in our society, but the most popular in our teenage girls is the “Barbie” one. Most girls think they should be skinny, have blonde hair or have a lot of makeup on their faces to be pretty, but… That’s not true! You don’t need to be a size zero to fit in! One of my favorite quotes is:

          “Skinny girls look good in clothes, but fit girls look good naked”.

It’s time to let all these prototypes that the only thing they’re inducing is the death of lots of our teenagers (boys included). You’re a little overweight? It’s okay if you want to feel better, start a healthy life! Stop eating sweets or too much rice, and start with a routine of exercise! I’m sure there’s a gym near your house, or a park where you can go and run. By the other side, if you don’t have any of these options, there are videos or blogs about fitness that will help you to be fit!

 On my next post I will talk about all this site and I will help you find them, so stay in touch and remember:

                                             It’s no longer about “skinny”, now it’s about “healthy”.    



9 thoughts on ““Healthy is the new sexy”.

  1. The message I gave my daughter when she was young: Don’t aim for skinny, aim for healthy. You look better, feel better and think better when you are well-nourished and fit. A nurse who works in a neurology practice told me she sees a lot of teen girls with neurological issues due to malnourishment. Suburban, American, upper-middle-class malnourished girls.


    1. Unfortunately. that’s our reality. We, teenagers, have to deal with lot of pressure. It’s time to change that! Plus, I’m glad you told your daughter that, because sometimes parents are part of those prototypes, making their children feel uncomfortable.


  2. You are very right Healthy is Sexy and in an image obsessed society its very important that we share this message. I think it is equally as important to not give ‘”skinny” a bad name too. Some females struggle to put on weight just as some females struggle to lose. We are all built differently, and your right what is important is to be healthy; accept ourselves and be kind to our bodies!


    1. I’m not saying “skinny” is a bad thing, you can be skinny in a healthy way too! However, what I was trying to say is that lot of skinny girls are not healthy, they’re skinny because they have eating disorders. And you’re right, we should share this message! 💪 #GirlsAreStrong


      1. Yes I agree with you. By no means was i saying that you were saying ‘skinny’ was bad, just adding my thoughts because I think some times naturally petite woman get criticized to much. I can say i have been guilty of this myself!


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