Health issues

          Cancer is a horrible disease that often attacks the best people. This is Caroline’s case. She is a woman who have pass throw lots of things, and instead of letting herself fall, she had stayed strong for her family. What she doesn’t know, is that her story has inspired me, I identify myself with her.

           At this moment of my life, I’m passing by lots of situations (not all of them good). I have been diagnosed with a couple of health issues. The most important is my thyroid problem. It’s so severe that my doctor decided to do a biopsy. Right now I’m waiting for the results, and I admit that I’m scared. However, I know that God is by my side, and he will never leave me alone.

            Like Caroline, I’m staying strong for my family. My life hasn’t been all pink or blue, no. It has passed from white to black, back and forth. What makes all this process even harder? That practically I’m alone. I know I have my mother, my brother and my friends, but they’re not always there, but that’s another topic. What I want to share with you is the post that inspired me most. Also, I want you to meet Caroline.

        Please, pray for her and her family, and for all the people around the world. Blessings!




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