We are warriors ….

Every single person in this world has problems. Some are bigger than others, but they are still problems. What        matters  is the strength that we should have to confront them. Obviously, there are some people who have bigger issues, or  more complicated situations. Those persons are admirable humans, because a great percent of them are fighting alone, by themselves.

I’m a warrior, because I have survived lots of things. I have been on innumerable wars, most of them with myself. I’m not a model, I am overweight and I used to have insecurities, however I didn’t let that stop me. When I was just eight years old, I “learned” to cook, so my brother and I could eat.  I had to grow up fast, to move toward the future. Also, I had to help my brother in the way, yet I was the youngest. Was it easy? No, it wasn’t, but I kept fighting.

That’s why today I want you to now that you’re not alone. I used to be alone, and that’s why I want to help other. It’s really hard to move forward when you’re on your own, and you think that nobody cares, but I care, and I’m here if you need me. So please, if you’re passing by a strong disorder, depression, or any other kind of problem, contact with me, it’ll be a pleasure for me to help.

*If you just need a friend, someone to talk, advises, or anything …. You can connect with me too, please.

With love,




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