Who I’m and why I’m here

  Hello everyone! Well as some of you have notice, I’m still a little new on this and I’ll like to introduce myself and talk about what all this is going to be about.

First of all, my name is Genesis, but you can call me Gen. I’m a sixteen year old girl from Puerto Rico, who wants to express herself. That’s why I created this blog because I want to inspire people. I want to help others, but I also want to entertain.I want to get to now new people, I want to share my story. As you see I have lots of aspirations with this, and with God’s help, and your help, I’ll be capable of accomplish all this things.

 In this site I’ll not just concentrate in one topic, no. I’m going to have an open mind, and if one day I find something I want to share, like an idea, a notice I just saw, books and all that, I’M GOING TO DO IT. Why? Because this is how I express myself, and hopefully, some of you will feel identified with my blog.

Another thing I wanted to let you know, is that if you need any help, or advice, my email is open for your messages-> just_a_random_girl@outlook.com

With nothing else to say,



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