More news!

Hello everyone! Remember that I told you that I was going to make some dynamics on the blog? Well here they are!

             First of all, this things will depend on your interaction with me. I’m doing all this just for all of you, ok?

 +Mondays-> The topic will be something related to our goals for the week, to start in a positive way. If you want to share something, you can send it to my email(, and I’ll put it here with your name.

+Tuesday & Wednesday-> On this days, everything will depend on our mood, and all that had happened. Maybe I’ll not be able to post something, but I’m going to try my best, hope you understand.

+Thursday-> On this days, I’ll try to post stories made by me, or some that I found on the internet.

+Friday-> We’ll do like a contest in the week so you guys can choose the topic ….. I wanted to do a poll, but I don’t know how to do them here … A little help?

+Saturday!-> Books day!!!! I’m a book lover, and I have read lots of them! This days, everything I post, is going to be about books!


     I’m not always going to be able to post every day, I have a life too, and school is hard when you want to go to a good collage, ok? Love you all!


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