Why are you here?

         At this times, there are lots of blogs of teenagers that are having self-stem problems, are having trouble on their life’s, and are misunderstood by others. We’ll, I’m not like them. By the years, I have pass by lots of situations, and all of them have teach me something. It doesn’t matter what you’re passing trough, God have a reason for that, and there are not bad or good experiences, for me they are all lesson, they always teach you something.

So, all this takes us to the question …. Why are you here? I’m here to share my story with all of you. I want you guys to understand that it doesn’t matter who you’re, you’re not alone. On this site, I will be posting things about my history, phrases, stories that I found on the internet, talk about lots of things, and lots of stuff more. The thing is that, I want you guys to believe in me, I want to help you.

                     How I’m going to help? Well, obviously one of the ways would be by my posts here, were you guys can comment and                     ask for advice. Another way, for those who want a private talk, is by email. My email is just_a_random_girl@outlook.com . I                     don’t have any problem on answering your emails, I will answer as soon as I can.

                     Well, I thinks that’s enough for now …

                                                                   With love,

                                                                             -Random girl


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